Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Banana Heart Fritata

     An Experimental dish.   I first knew it at my daughter's school during their Nutritional month activity.   They made a burger out of banana hearts, however not most of the children liked it.   Maybe it was because of how it was cooked, or the ingredients used.
    However, as an experiment, it turned out to be fantastic.   My kids loved it, without them knowing it was "puso ng saging" (banana heart in Philippine translation), hahaha, tricky mommy am I?...  As a mom, I do want my kids to eat healthy foods and let them be adventurous in their eating habit without resorting to junk foods.
     This goes so well with any adobo variation, veggie salad and other veggie stews or soup.
So without further ado, here is how to make this.

Banana Heart Fritata

2 pcs medium banana hearts
1 onion large, chopped
3 eggs
chicken coating mix
salt, pepper and spanish paprika for seasoning

To do:
   Boil the banana hearts, careful not to over boil, once the outer red skin has turned very light, you can remove it and wipe off excess water.  Chop.  Mix with the other ingredients, onions, chicken coating mix, seasonings and eggs.   Mix well, I use my bare hands to do this, make sure hands are sanitized.
  Heat about 1/8 cup of cooking oil on a frying pan, and fry a spoonful of the mix.
  Works well as an appetizer, and goes well with any other dishes!

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